Ever since I picked up a camera I've always wanted to be a concert photographer. Backstage access and freedom to capture the bands/musicians all while experiencing the concert like no other. Sounds like a cool gig right? I got a chance with my friend and fellow photographer Andrew Jordan. We shot the Pinktober event at the Hard Rock casino in 2018. Pinktober was a fundraiser event for breast cancer awareness.

  With several hundred people in attendance it was an intimate event. Scott Stapp (from Creed) and his band took the stage. I was pretty blown away by the level of energy Scott put out there (and his guitarist Yiannis Papadopoulos!). He was belting it out like he was performing in front of thousands in a stadium; it was quite impressive. With his presence and energy and my unfettered access, I feel I was able to get some striking images. It was such a fun and unique experience for me. I would love to do more concert photography down the road.