We went to Gatorland for the day. Having never been there before, I have to say I was pretty surprised! Not only did they have gators and other interesting animals...it was a visual delight. From a photographers point of view, its filled with so much color and contrast! The almost neon green in the gator pools, the coral color of the sand in the petting zoo and the white egrets everywhere. The egrets would just stand around and not move much. Later in the day clouds moved in and it started to rain. Most people would be bummed out if it were to rain during their vacation visit to a park, not me, I was like a kid in the candy store. The light was pretty amazing. As soon as it started to rain, all the birds started flying around in all directions. I stood under an awning and captured them in flight with the rain in the background. Glad I brought that heavy long lens with me!

P.S. Midway through the gallery are vultures who would constantly risk their lives getting within millimeters of the gators to try and steal their food! Also note for extra money you and your family could get a pic (with your backs to the gators). Looks like child endangerment to me!