While attending the local Medina County Fair, I saw one of the most unique roosters, who happened to win Grand Champion in its class. I tried to find the owner after a short encounter at the fair but we never saw each other again. After two days of thinking about it, I thought it would be cool to photograph him. I contacted the Medina Fair Board and they forwarded my info to the owners of the rooster. A few days later we were in contact and set up a day and time to photograph the prize winning rooster at their farm.    My whole family tagged along for the adventures of photographing roosters and chickens. The Stidhams were the nicest people and a wonderful family who were extremely passionate about raising and breeding chickens and other birds. It turns out they had several roosters and chickens with unique markings and colors! It was an experience my family will not forget. I even got a pic of their daughter who owns the prize winning rooster (featured below)  I had a picture in my mind how I'd like these images to look and I wasn't sure if I could make it a reality (when dealing with animals) but with the owners and my wife's help they turned out how I imagined and more!

Edit: I went back in 2022 and took more pictures and added them to this gallery (the original set was from 2019)